Many web developers allow users to include HTML tags in forms and, without a tool to speed things up, even the best HTML gurus could use a little help. Enter MyHTMLForm! MyHTMLForm is an easy to utilize cross browser script for developers who want to provide a simple HTML editor for web forms.

To install MyHTMLForm download the
MyHTMLForm .zip file. Get MyHTMLForm. After saving the file to the desired directory
on your server simply insert the MyHTMLForm Javscript function adjacent to your desired form element. You may also need to edit the html script
src location for where the mhtml.js file on your server is located if you put
it in a separate directory from your display page. MyHTMLForm has several parameters within the script that you can modify if you want to toggle your Doctype (HTML or XHTML), set defaults or adjust the maximum tolerance for various entity amounts. When the script is called there are several arguments that you can set. Unless you specify a default Form Field Element ID Name within the script, the only one of these arguments that is required for you to specify is the first argument where you will specify your Form Field Element ID Name as MyHTMLForm is capable of supporting multiple form elements. The optional second argument specifies the CSS class for MyHTMLForm to use. The rest of the optional arguments are used to toggle Interface Tools.